Ambassador's activities(2023 January ~ March)

January 10 Launching Ceremony of the Malindi Fish Market in Zanzibar

Yesterday evening back from Japan. This morning I had an honor to celebrate the launching of the fish market of Malindi in Zanzibar together with President @DrHmwinyi, Second Vice President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Minister of @WUBU_Zanzibar and others.
— Yasushi Misawa 三澤康 (@JapanAmb_TZ) January 10, 2023

January 13 Sherry Party in Dar es Salaam

Last week the diplomatic corp in Tanzania was invited to the briefing by Minister @mfa_tanzania, @DrTaxs on Wendsnesday and to the Sherry Party by the President @SuluhuSamia Hassan on Friday. Thank you for your hospitality.

January 21 & 22 Ladies First 2023 in Dar es Salaam 

The opening ceremony of "Ladies First 2023" Track and Field Competition organized by @jica_direct_en,in Benjamin Mpaka Stadium together with Minister @Dr_DGwajima @WizaraSanaa. Japan supports Tanzanian female athletes and to promote the empowerment of women.

January 27 Ceremony to install a water outlet and filtering devices in LEmanda Village in Arusha

March 9 Handover Ceremony for the Project for “Promoting public health and social resilience against COVID-19 by strengthening the domestic supply chain of PPE” (UNIDO)

March 13 Visit to Dodoma