Commendation by H.E. Ambassador Misawa

On 24th February, on the occasion of the National Day’s Reception, H.E. Ambassador Misawa awarded Mr. Juma Ikangaa and Mr. Raymond Msoffe for their contribution to strengthening the friendly relationship between Japan and Tanzania.
Mr. Juma Ikangaa
As a marathon runner, he set the course record in the 1989 New York City Marathon, finished second in the Boston Marathon for three consecutive years from 1988 to 1990, competed in three consecutive Olympic Games (including two top-eight finishes), and participated in many international marathons held in Japan, including second place in the 1983 Fukuoka International Marathon and victory in the 1984 Tokyo International Marathon.
Since November 2016, Mr Ikangaa has served as a public relations ambassador for the JICA Tanzania office. In 2017, he helped the JICA Tanzania office to plan and host a nationwide sports event for female athletes (Ladies First Event). Earlier this year, the third Ladies First was held in Dar es Salaam with the participation of Dr. Dorothy Gwajima, Minister for Social Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups.
Mr Ikangaa has also been actively involved in the exchange events between Nagai City, Japan, which hosted the Tanzanian National Team for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, together with athletes from Tanzania.
Mr. Raymond Msoffe
Mr Msoffe has served JICA Tanzania Office in various capacities for the past 37 years since his appointment in January 1986. His network of contacts with politicians and senior government officials has contributed greatly to the smooth running of the JICA Tanzania Office. As an advisor to the Chief Representative, Mr Msoffe also drafted major speeches of the Chief Representative.
With a deep understanding of JICA projects, Mr Msoffe has actively promoted various JICA projects to the media from a Tanzanian perspective. Through these achievements, he has contributed to increasing the visibility of JICA's activities and Japan in Tanzania and strengthening the friendly relations between Japan and Tanzania.