Message from the Embassy

  • Greetings from the Ambassador
  • Greetings from the Ambassador

    Habari zenu?

    My name is Masaharu Yoshida, newly arrived at Dar es Salaam on 27th April as the Ambassador of Japan to the United Republic of Tanzania. I feel greatly privileged and honoured to be assigned to Tanzania, which is widely regarded as an important country in East Africa but also well-known globally for its beautiful nature.

    Tanzania and Japan have enjoyed a truly friendly relationship for long. This is my first posting in Africa, and I am determined to further strengthen such ties in various areas through all possible channels, officially and privately, as the All-Japan Team.

    I would be happy if more Tanzanians have a chance to know about Japan; its technology, culture and beauty we possess. I also expect more Japanese people to visit here and experience the splendor of this beautiful country, Tanzania.

    It is my sincere hope that our Embassy could be of your help for fostering our friendly relation between Tanzania and Japan. You are therefore most welcomed to contact us for any inquiries.

    Karibuni ubalozini kwetu.

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    Embassy of Japan in Tanzania

    May, 2015
    Masaharu Yoshida